We cordially invite you to attend the 11th Biennial Family Conference and Antarshtriya Samelan hosted by the Rajput Association of North America (RANA). The agenda will be action packed with accomplished speakers from all walks of life that will inspire us. The cultural events including singing and dancing will be performed by our talented members of all ages. Dining will be catered by award winning Chefs that will prepare dishes that are elements of a meticulously selected Menu. All this at a beautiful resort on the wonderful inner harbor of Baltimore. Let’s celebrate the Rich tradition and heritage of Rajputs. We hope to see you at the Convention!

Jai Mata Ki!

2018 Convention Committee

Convention Update September 11th!
We have 411 People Registered, 146 rooms and pledges of $171,080. This is shaping up to be the biggest Convention ever! On a personal note, my Mother is 1 of 9 siblings and it looks like 8 of them will be at the convention! All 9 of them are RANA life members.

This Sunday we will be meeting at the Convention Venue in Baltimore. President Dr Sanjay Singh Singh is flying in from Alabama and Deo Singh Bhai is flying in from Texas. From NJ/PA Chapter we have Rasik Jadav Bhai, Chandrika Jadav Ben, Dilipsinh Rathod Bapu, Surendrasinh Rathod Bapu, Viren Rathod Bapu, Mukesh Mahida Bapu, Mukesh Mukesh Singh Parmar Bhai, Jay Gohil Bhai, Naivedya Singh Sengar Bhai, Anupriya Singh Sengar ji, Possibly Raghu Bhai, Sadhna Singh Didi and Raj Shekhar Singh Bhai. From DC we have Sudhir Rana ji, Ajay Bhai, Pradeep Sengar ji and Kumar Singh ji. A special thanks to all those that are attending and all those that have put forth so much effort.

Sadhna Singh Didi has put out an extremely detailed bid request to Caterers for Khana Darbar. There is an amazing selection of food and our budget is the highest it has been.

Magazine Committee Co Chairs Naivedya Singh Sengar Bhai and Anupriya Singh Sengar ji need your articles. We also need your advertising information. You can get information on the convention website at
Please reach out to them at and/or

Renuka Singh ji and her cultural committee is putting together an dazzling show. We want to squeeze in as many cultural performances as possible. Please reach out to Renuka ji as soon as possible. The deadline is October 15th and she can be reached at There is also Minaxi Singh ji of NJ Chapter that can be reached at

For those that would like to speak or have suggestions for topics of discussion, please feel free to send me an email at or call 732-648-1754

Many members have put forth effort to invite family and friends from across the world. Kudos to Darshansinh Solanki Bapu, Kishorsinh Powertrac Zala Bapu, Ajay Singh Bhai of DC, Jay Bhai of NJ, Rasik Bhai and Chandrika Jadav Ben, Dilipsinh Rathod Bapu, Chairman Yogendra Solanki Uncle, Thakur Anup Singh Bhai, Naivedya Singh Sengar Bhai, Kandarp Singh Sengar Bhai, Satyendra Singh Bhai of Arizona, Avan Andy Panwar Bhai and Canada Chapter President Sonalba ji.

Our Treasurers have a lot of work ahead. Please make their job easier by making payment as soon as possible. For Registration and Payment information, please visit

Not only is the number of registrations unprecedented, we have amazing achievers and highly respected Rajputs that will be attending our convention. You can see a list of registrants on the website. As we get closer to the convention, we will share some of their amazing achievements with all.

I am excited to announce, NJ Chapter’s very own Ananya Singh will be speaking at the convention regarding youth leadership and climate change.

There are many ways to support the convention. Financially or encourage others to attend or be a speaker/panelist/MC or perform in the cultural program. So many of you done so much and I sincerely appreciate it. Every single attendee is special to us and we sincerely appreciate your attendance at the convention.

We are counting on support from host DC Chapter and they have not let us down! Thank you to Surendra Chauhan, Kumar ji, Sudhir ji, Ajay Bhai Sahaab for assisting with logistics and vendor selection.

I apologize if I missed any names.

Jai Mata Ki

Thank you.

Rajiv Singh
11th Biennial Family Convention and International Conference
Rajput Association of North America

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