$15,551 Record Donation and 10 Gold Sponsors 23 Oct

$15,551 Record Donation and 10 Gold Sponsors


More history is being made……our anonymous donor has increased his donation to $15,501! Not only is this the first anonymous donation, it is the largest single donation in the history of RANA! This wonderful gesture drives more unity and pride in RANA and our members. I would also like to state that this donation was not made with any drama or demands. Quoting President Dr. Sanjay, “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Incredible”.

We added our 10th Gold Sponsor, Mamraj Singh of PA. We appreciate Mamraj Bhai’s generosity and thank all of the donors. More convention news is always available at

Here are some stats from Chairman Yogi Uncleji:
As of now, we have 270 families (about 679 persons) who have registered and reserved 266 rooms and pledged $255,376, out of which $120,210 is already received. Out of this, 15 families (about 40 persons) are invited guests, artists, singers, DJ. caterers, etc. who will need 20 rooms.

I request all those that registered to make payment as soon as possible. On November 1, as per contractual agreement with the Hotel, we must provide a rooming list with names of attendees. After November 1, the Hotel can increase the price of the rooms and we will be forced to do the same for those that have not paid. Further, we have significantly more registrations then our capacity. So those that do not remit payment in a timely manner will be put on a waiting list. Once the waiting list is started, there will not be any exceptions. I want to be clear on that since we don’t want to jeopardize the comfort of the delegates that did remit payment in a timely manner.

Kudos to Southwest Chapter for almost 100% payment received. This was driven by the effort of Deo Bhai. Thank you sir!

Chicago Chapter President Virensinh Zala, Chicago Chapter Dilipsinh Rathod and I had meetings in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Dubai to encourage Biradari to attend the convention. We met many wonderful people including Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Convention Chief Guest External Affairs Minister General VK Singh. I provided reports on Whats App and Facebook. I will include those reports at the end of this message for those that missed it.

We have a treat for all Convention Delegates. Each family attending the convention will receive a book written by General VK Singh. This was the brilliant idea of Dhirajsinh Uncleji. Thank you Uncleji for the wonderful idea and the guidance and support throughout the convention building process.

Sadhna Didi and Ma will be gifting a Shawl to the first 300 women attending the Women’s Forum. Courtesy of Vibha, a convention bag will be provided to each family at check in. The bag will have the convention logo on one side and her Company information on the other side. If you would like to provide a gift at check in to Delegates with your company logo and the Convention logo, please feel free to do so. For gift ideas, please call me to discuss at 732-648-1754. I will be giving the first 100 families that registered and paid for the convention a free convention T Shirt. This is subject to having enough shirts with the applicable sizes.

Food Committee is close to finalizing a Caterer that will include a Kids Menu, specialty Gujarati Food, Classic Indian Delicacies, Jain Delights and much more. This is pretty amazing since in the last convention it was not finalized until a day or so before the convention. We are lucky to have a highly competent and talented food committee. For special Food Requests please speak with Sadhna Didi at 609—576-0227 or contact via email at

The cultural committee has been working hard on a program that will be dazzling. Renuka ji is back in action after her visit to India. Members are practicing hard for their roles in the cultural program. In fact, we have a practice session at our home tomorrow for NJ Chapter that will be the best among all chapters 😊 LOL If you would like to participate in the Cultural Program please contact your chapter leadership or please contact Renuka Singh-TX 972-491-0111 Dibya Singh- TX 804-484-2013
Minaxi Singh-NJ 732-713-1127

The Agenda is taking shape and we will have a draft of it available soon. The program includes topics such as Entrepreneurship, Women’s Forums, Healthcare, Technology, Youth Leadership, Rajput History, History of Hinduism, Global Networking with Rajputs and issues in India such as Population, Pollution and Corruption. If you would like to participate, please contact me at 732-648-1754. Please note, time is of the essence since we don’t have much space left in the action packed agenda.

Our Magazine will go to print on October 29th. If you want to have an article or ad in the magazine, time is running out. Please submit your article as soon as possible. The magazine will be the best ever that will be a wonderful Convention keepsake. To submit articles or ads Naivedya Sengar-NJ 917-969-3587
Anupriya Sengar-NJ 917-969-3587

Binay ji of DC Chapter has done an outstanding job with finalizing service providers for Mehndi for our Queens and Princesses. He has also finalized service providers such as Clown, Magician and Face painting for our Princes and Princesses. We are looking into video games for Teenagers. For any questions regarding these matters please contact Binay Ranjan 571-338-2505

The zwoor app is up and ready. For questions please contact, Kandarp Singh Sengar-TX 818-679-0903

A special thanks to Sudhir Rana of DC Chapter for putting together a wonderful system to assist with supplementary delegate registration information. Here you can request any special needs you have or information you would like to provide the Convention Committee. For access to this system please go to
Use GRS Code: USA2018
If you have any questions regarding GRS, please contact Sudhir Rana-DC 571-713-5040 or Kandarp Singh Sengar-TX 818-679-0903

Again, time is of the essence for those that want to perform in the cultural program, speak in the convention, submit an article or ad as well as paying Convention fees. Please contact a committee member asap if interested in any of the aforementioned.

Let us continue the Convention Building process with the Theme of Unity, Collaboration and Innovation.

These are the reports from our overseas trip to India and Dubai

Report From Day One:
Report from yesterday the 13th…Kishorsinh and Darshansinh arranged a Meeting for us with approximately 50 Rajputs at 07 club which is one of the best Clubs in all of India. It is a 7 Star property. Rajput Biradari came from all over India including Jodhpur, Patna, Jaunpur, Hyderabad, Pune, Gwalior and Kasmir. We made a presentation regarding RANA and the Convention. Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasma made a wonderful speech providing details of his Long Association with RANA including attendance at the first convention and several others. He spoke very highly of Dhirajsinh Uncle ji and other senior RANA members. For several hours everyone introduced themselves and it was wonderful to get to know so many highly achievers from all Walks of life including Scholars, IAS/IPS Officers and highly successful entrepreneurs across so many different Industries. I can say that RANA is highly endeared by everyone. RANA has become bigger and better then ever Internationally. We Exchanged ideas on how we can collaborate and there was some discussion on delegate topics like reservations for low achieving minorities. It was an action packed day with visits to IAS Bhawan which a wonderful initiative by the Rajput community. Young Rajputs live there in a boot camp Environment and are immersed into academic preparation for IAS. The tutors are all current IAS Officers. The students mostly are from low to moderate income families. Very cool to see and it has been highly successful. Those that make it come back and teach at later times of their career and there is a very strong bond among the alumni since they have an affinity for the mission. It is free and funded by mostly locals and the alumni. Today we will be busy again as we are flying from Ahmedabad to Delhi. We have 3 Meetings. We meet General VK Singh, Anup Bhai’s group and Rajnath Singh. After that we will get pedicures, massage and good food at one of favorite Delhi Dhabas. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dilipsinh Bapu and Virensinh Bapu. They are amazing people and I am blessed to have them as friends. We have done a lot brainstorming on welcoming our international guests and how we can help Build bridges with the Rajput Biradari across the World. Tomorrow Í am scheduled to go to Dubai and will meet my Sarhu and Salí Sahaab. Later in the week I will meet several Rajput Biradari. Best is yet to come. Abhi to party Shuru hui hai. Jai Rajputana, Jai Mata Ki.

Report 2
We are in Ahmedabad airport having coffee at Yaju Vaghela’s Chocolate Room. We were fortunate to meet several Biradari that are going to Mumbai to get Visa. Virensinh Bapu purchased 3 boxes of Yaju Bhai’s chocolate that we will present today to General VK Singh, Rajnath Singh and Anup Bhai. Special thanks to Mamraj Bhai for making car
arrangements with someone that has been to all the places we are going. Thank you to Dhirajsinh Uncleji for making arrangements to Meet General VK Singh. Thank you to Naresh Chavda Bapu of Canadá and International Convention Ambassador Prakashsinh Uncleji for making arrangements to meet Rajnath Singh. Jai Mata Ki. Jai Rajputana.

Report 3
Report from yesterday the 14th. We took a Morning flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi and went straight to General VK Singh’s home. We breifly introduced ourselves and then we explained the recent growth of RANA resulting from unity and great leadership. We thanked him for being our chief guest. His presence has created in so much excitement that this is going to be the biggest convention in the History of RANA. He was very happy to hear this. He mentioned that he was associated with a process of bringing together all the Rajput Associations in India in one conference. We met his wife too. We then proceeded to Marg ERP and met Anup Bhai and 20 or so Biradari that are interested in attending the Convention. Many of them already had their visa. It was interesting to note, the amount if visas granted to those applying from Delhi was much higher then Mumbai. This is a problem we should try to address through our polítical representatives. We met a lot of high achievers including a senior BFS officer that has made a significant anti terrorist contribution in India. Courtesy of Anup Bhai, We had delicious snacks and Lunch with the group. We then proceeded to meet Rajnath Singh and made a similar presentation to him that we did at the earlier ones. He was very encouraging and said he will submit an article for our Magazine. I Will follow Up with that. He also said that he will definitely try to come to future conventions. After a very Long day and an extremely aggressive schedule, we went to the hotel that was Built into one of the largest malls in india. We were all upgraded to beautiful suites. Virensinh Bapu did some serious shopping. We then got pedicures and facials. We had a great time together, made wonderful memories and new friends we will treasure forever. I encourage RANA members to join tríps like this. It is so much fun. I am Headed to Dubai today. Will report from there. Virensinh Bapu and Dilipsinh Bapu are back in Ahmedabad.
Best is yet to come.
Abhi to party shuru hui hai.
Jai Rajputana
Jai Mata Ki

The best is yet to come!

Abhi to Party Shuri Hui Hai!

Jai Rajputana

Jai Mata Ki

Rajiv Singh
11th Biennial Family Convention and International Conference
Rajput Association of North America

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