Convention Khabar 8/27/2018



Convention Registration is open at  Happy to report that we have in excess of 317 People Registered for the convention with 118 Rooms reserved.  We are well beyond the goal of 100 Families registered by the end of August and are on pace to easily surpass the 122 Families that attended the largest convention which was in DC area in 2005.  We also have surpassed the number of participants in the 2016 convention and that was a mega success.  This could not be possible without the enthusiastic participation of our members.  Dhanyavaad!

I am ecstatic that we have 9 Gold Sponsors and 8 silver sponsors.  In addition to those mentioned previously, NEC Membership Secretary Pradeep Sengar has upgraded to Silver, Dr. CB Singh is a Gold Sponsor, Arun Singh of Texas is a Gold sponsor, RANA Pillar and long time supporter Narendrasinh Chudasama is a Gold Sponsor.  Thank you!  For a complete list of registrations, please visit the registration page on

We have some very exciting news to report…..  Thanks to the assistance of NJ Chapter President Dilipsinh Rathore, we were able to engage Rajputana Dayro Superstar Brijraj Gadhavi and his 5 fantastic band members.  Brijraj ji has performed on 4 continents and will be making his Debut in North America at our convention.  They are ELECTRIC!  More information regarding Brijraj Bhai will be coming soon.  This is the first time RANA has exclusively engaged a 5 member band from India.  There is plenty of other entertainment including a 9 piece (that’s right, 9 people) Bollywood band that we are in the process of engaging as well as DJ Dubz.  In the past, DJ Dubz has rocked NJ Chapter New Year’s Eve Dhamaka.  All this in addition to our talented members that will be performing such as Vanshi Singh, Past NJ President Uday Singh and his daughter Sarita, Satyendra Singh of Arizona, Satishkumar ji of Canada and many, many more.  If you have not done so, please reach out to Cultural Chair Renuka ji, Minaxi ji, Dibya ji or any member of the Convention committee.  The cultural committee has some fantastic ideas including a session for Antakchari which is always so much fun.

As always, NY Chapter President, RANA Icon Dr. CB Singh ji is enthusiastically supporting the Convention.  He has very special guests that we will have the privilege to meet.  His guests are Kunwar Harivansh Singh Member of Parliament Pratapgarh, current President of Kshatriya Mahasabha and Mr. Jitendra Singh ex MP and current Vice President of Kshatriya Mahasabha.

Over 75 invitations have gone out to International Delegates and we are expecting delegates from as many as 11 different countries!  This could not have been done without the special effort put forth by International Outreach Chairs Ajay Singh of DC and Dilipsinh Rathod of NJ, Rasik and Chandrika Jadav, Anup Singh of Delhi, Dr. CB Singh of NY, Naivedya and Kandarp Sengar, Jay Gohil of NJ, Darshan Singh of Gujarat and Kishorsinh of Gujarat.  Sorry if I left someone out.  Lets keep encouraging our family and friends to attend this MAHA Convention of epic proportions.

We are exploring the possibility of doing a convention publicity tour and are considering going to India the weekend of September 20th.  Interested in attending this trip, so far we have Chicago Chapter President Virendrasinh Zala Bapu, Dilipsinh Bapu and myself.  If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.  We will be meeting baradari in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Delhi, Dubai and possibly Jaipur and Mumbai.  For tour planning, Thank for the special efforts of Darshansinh Bapu, Kishorsinh Bapu, Anup Bhai, Kirtipal Gohil bapu and his wife Kalpana ji.  This tour is important not only for the convention, it will help build bridges for RANA.

Soon Kandarp Sengar will announcing information regarding the Convention App.

I quote President Sahaab, “The best is yet to come!”


Thank you.

Jai Mata Ki

Rajiv Singh

Convener 2018 Family Convention and International Conference.

Rajput Association of North America


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