Message And Announcement From Rana Nec President Dr. Sanjay Singh Ji

We are forwarding the message from our Respected Senior RANA Member Dolatsinh Rathod Ji .

“I agree with Rambhaji , RANA is on right track after few years of turbulent period.
We have a very strong team of current NEC with leadership of Dr Sanjay Singh.
This is a great achievement for this NEC to form a local chapter after a very long time.
This shows, this NEC is creating more members for RANA.

Another great thing happening is our upcoming 2018 RANA family convention.
NEC has appointed accomplished Rajputs like Bapu Yogendrasinh Solanki as convention chairman and businessman Rajiv Singh (Manuji) as Convention Convener.
Currently, hotel selection process is going on in full force, it requires lot of homework, lot of traveling, lot of negotiations but we have lot of accomplished business man who are handling this first and difficult task for convention.

The article from Rambhaji gives older folks like myself lot more energy to do lot more going forward for RANA.

I love to write more, but I think, l said enough.
Let’s continue to rebuild RANA bigger, better, stronger and United.
“””Nothing could be better than to create a RANA local chapter in honor of RANA founding Parents, Thakur Saab J B Singh and Smt. Pushpaji.””””

Jai Mataji to all.
Dolatsinh Rathod from Florida


We are proud to announce that RANA will be having a new chapter. This is a great moment in the history of RANA after 11 years. As many of you know that RAMBHA SINGH JI i is the founding President of AZ Rajputs. Rambha Singh ji is dedicating the new RANA Arizona Chapter to our great founding father of RANA JB Singh ji and Pushpa Singh ji on their marriage anniversery. I am so happy and proud to share the message from ARIZONA Rajputs President on her decision to join RANA and start a new chapter with 20 plus life time members.

Message from President of ARIZONA Rajputs – Rambha Singh ji

My life experiences have taught me the importance of one’s wazood in this world. Why we exist and what should be our driving force to lead a very happy and successful life. This self-realization guides you throughout your life and gives you all the successes you wish for. How successful I am, could be interpreted in many ways but all I can say-I take immense pleasure in what I do for myself and my society. We get happiness by doing the right things-not discovering it in vacuum.AZ Rajputs organization creation came from my heart based on my self-realization of who I am and how do I preserve my identity and culture and pass it to my next generation. Though it took 16 years to realize this dream of having an organization based on our identity and culture, I never had any doubt about my strong connection to my motherland-India and our rich culture and traditions.16 years back when I was called for an interview by local AZ TV Channels-I went there in my traditional Indian attire of Saree and explained about our dress and culture.
I was approached by our elders from RANA few times in past to be part of a great Rajput community but like all new immigrants to this great country, I had my priorities of settling in, bringing up my only child and make a successful career. I however always had a group of likeminded Rajput families in Arizona well connected and enjoyed each other company. With passing times, I realized to do more to give back to the society as well promote our rich and glorious cultures which ultimately lead to foundation of AZ Rajput organization in May 2017.We could have started with RANA but initially our members had many reservations based on their perception of RANA.
I always believed that an organization like RANA established 30+ years back with dedicated and visionary Rajput families cannot be ‘Not Good’ as the perceptions around it suggested. We just needed the right leadership to bring the members together, address their concerns professionally and take corrective actions to remove the sources of negative perception. I salute and do a Charan Sparsh to all the founders of RANA who still support and take pride as they did at inception.
My fellow brothers, sisters and respected elders from RANA family-An organization is known as how their members build it collectively by rallying behind their leaders.AZ Rajputs is an example of that. Our members take collective responsibly of building the organization and uphold their vision and values.
I am merging AZ Rajputs with RANA to bring the same values to RANA and be a change agent to bring RANA to its past glory. I believe an organization always benefit by constructive criticism which is highly focused on an issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization. I aim to instill this culture in RANA by creating a local ARIZONA chapter from AZ Rajputs. I hope to contribute my best to bring positive changes in RANA under a very efficient and dedicated leadership team of RANA.
An organization leader needs support from its team and members in a very collaborative environment where every member feels empowered provide feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. I am highly impressed with the leadership provided to RANA by its president Dr Sanjay Singh and his NEC. And now I sincerely believe that RANA is in very great hands and moving from great to the greatest. We were moved by the kind gestures of Dr Sanjay Singh and Viresh Singh ji who took pain to join our maiden celebration in October2017 and traveled from east coast to west coast. Our members received a great insight about RANA, Its history and its future by Dr Singh and Viresh Ji.
Now with our new chapter of RANA opening in Arizona, we all have a collective responsibility to walk together towards our goal of propagating and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Rajputs and pass the same to our younger generation. This will be a long journey and we all must continue walking one step at a time because we can walk faster alone but walking together will take us to our destination. We will find our strength from our glorious history that we are not Rajputs by birth-We are Rajputs by our deeds. Our great forefathers lived by their values and did rightful things to uphold it. Our history is great-Our forefathers are great and their legacy is our wealth. We need to protect our wealth. Whether we make a history or not, we must save our history and pass on to our coming generations like our previous generations did.
RANA Chapter of AZ is very excited and thanks all the RANA members, its leadership and well-wishers. We are proud to be a part of this glorious organization. RANAAZ chapter invite you all to visit us in Phoenix and know about our members.
Jai Hind. Jai Rajputana!!!
Rambha Singh-President-AZ Rajputs

With Warm Regards
NEC 2017-2018

Rajput Association of North America (RANA) Established 1980 (A Fraternal Non-Profit Organization)

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RANA (Rajput Association of North America), 1420 Shea Harbor Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

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