Moderators & Speakers

Name: Raj Shekhar Singh


Raj Shekhar Singh from Ghazipur UP India. Bachelor of Computer Science from India. Came to USA in 2005. Wife Rashmi Singh works for Siemens. Kids Ananya Singh studying in High School and son Aryan Singh in Middle School. Working as Engineering Head in Pharmaceutical Company (Ingenus Pharmaceuticals NJ, LLC).

Parents :

Father: Dr. Nagendra Nath Singh Former Assitant Director Navodaya Samiti India.

Mother: Asha Singh

Former Cultural Secretary RANA NJ Chapter. (2015)

Currently Vice President RANA NJ Chapter (2017).

Lives in Flanders NJ with family.

Name: Pratibha Kumar


Pratibha Kumar, Director of Business Development at LR Paris. Graduated from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Granddaughter of Adyanand & Pratima Singh, Daughter of Pramod & Chandra Kumar, with one younger brother Arjun Kumar. Representing the RANA DC Chapter, previously cultural secretary and youth coordinator. I am also a freelance makeup artist.

Name: Dr. B S Sengar


Dr. B S Sengar has many accolades attached to his illustrious career and is known far and wide for his inspirational deeds. He was born in Kanpur, UP and belongs to the Sengar Rajput clan from Bareh district in Etawah UP. Among the many feathers in his hat, “Rajarshi” is also his brainchild that cam e into existence in 1995. Just like RANA in USA, Rajarshi aims at connecting intellectual Rajput dignitaries, in Central India. This very successful venture was the foundation of many such organizations that have come up now.

Dr Sengar is also an author, motivational speaker and is very active on twitter as well. He has a yearning to serve the community and continues to make his contributions. His ideas on birth, life and afterlife are thought provoking and will encourage you to dig deeper into our Vedas and ethnicity, but most of all, in the essence of being a Rajput.

Dr Sengar is also a proud father of two of the RANA members Kandarp Singh Sengar(SW Chapter) and Naivedya Singh Sengar (NJ Chapter)

NAME: Minaxi Singh Sarangdevot

SPOUSE: Raghunandan Singh Jadoun (ThikanaAmargarh-Karauli, Rajasthan)


Kavya Singh Jadoun is a 5th grade student, and has won many accolades in her school & Academics. She is a student ambassador, Peer mediator, Tutors Math to other 5th grade kids and was chosen in Gifted & Talented program.  She has recently won prizes in Math Olympiad and Vocabulary Bee competition. She learns Hindustani Shastriyasangeet, Kathak, Martial Arts and plays Tennis.

Taran Singh Jadoun  is a 3rd grader and has been chosen in Gifted & Talented program.He has recently won 1st place in Math Olympiad and Vocabulary Bee competition. He learns Hindustani Shastriyasangeet, Martial Arts and plays Tennis. He has immense interest in Science, Geology, History and diverse cultures and reads books for hours & hours each day.

SERVICE TO RANA: Cultural secretary in RANA NJ chapter; RANA NEC cultural committee member & Convention committee member. Minaxi& her kids are active contributors to NJ Chapter and NEC magazine, by writing articles and interviewing renowned Rajput personalities. Minaxi has been participating in RANA events for more than a decade.

PROFESSIONAL INFO/ACCOMPLISHMENTS: An IT professional working for a financialservices organization in NYC as Global Program Lead- Digital& Cyber Brand Protection.Minaxi has been recognized for her stellar performance, received star performer awards at work.

Minaxivolunteers at a non-profit organization Hindi USA, in New Jersey, and teaches Hindi language to children. She also supports “DurgaMahilaVikasSansthan (DMVS)”, a non-profit organization in Rajasthan, India, which is dedicated to educate Rajput girls from weaker economic background.

Proud of her lineage, she strongly believes in the values Rajputs stand for- integrity, strength of character and valor. She feels privileged to serve the community through RANA.

NAME: Raghunandan Singh Jadoun

THIKANA: Amargarh-Karauli, Rajasthan

SPOUSE: Minaxi Singh Sarangdevot (From Udaipur, Rajasthan)

CHILDREN: Kavya Singh Jadoun: is a 5th grade student, and has won many accolades in her school & Academics. She is a student ambassador, Peer mediator, Tutors Math to other 5th grade kids and was chosen in Gifted & Talented program.  She has recently won prizes in Math Olympiad and Vocabulary Bee competition. She learns Hindustani Shastriyasangeet, Kathak, Martial Arts and plays Tennis.

Taran Singh Jadoun:  is a 3rd grader and has been chosen in Gifted & Talented program.He has recently won 1st place in Math Olympiad and Vocabulary Bee competition. He learns Hindustani Shastriyasangeet, Martial Arts and plays Tennis. He has immense interest in Science, Geology, History and diverse cultures and reads books for hours & hours each day.

SERVICE TO RANA: Raghu is member at large in RANA NJ chapter; and Convention committee member. He has been attending RANA NJ Chapter events for many years.He is MC for the opening night of Convention 2018.

PROFESSIONAL INFO/ACCOMPLISHMENTS:An Engineer & MBA from India, Raghu is currently working for a financial company in New Jersey in IT Program/Portfolio Leadership role.

The rich culture of Rajputana and Rajasthan were a part of his upbringing and hold a special place in his heart. Raghu likes to play cricket, play tennis with his children, sing and dance.

Nmae: Dr Harnath Singh Rathore

Introduction :
Dr Harnath Singh Rathore is Nephrologist practicing in Flagstaff/PhoenixAZ from last 20 years. He was awarded Physician of Year 2008. He is currently a Medical Director of two Hospitals and two Dialysis Centers in the department of Nephrology Northern Heatth Care Flagstaff AZ His wife Beena Singh has Three Masters degrees Master of Education,Master of Psychology and Master of Economic. They have one daughter who is also Physician and practicing Family Medicine in Boston university. She is married to Cardiologist Dr Ankur Karnik who is Associate Professor in Boston University Boston MA . They have two lovely boys.
From Dr Harnath Singh.
With Thx.

Name: Dr. J.S Raghuvanshi

Brief Introduction:
Dr. J.S Raghuvanshi is a brother in law of Mukesh Singh Parmar; brother of Vijayaji.
Raghuvanshiji is a well-qualified Professional MD doctor in Ayurveda Medicines and Surgery. His journey started from A & U Tibbia College, which is one of the best colleges in New Delhi, where he earned his BAMS degree. Later he completed his MD, and then the Ph.D.
Dr. Raghuvanshi is a firm believer of vishwabandhutwa. So, at a very early age he became a President of the CRASMIB organization. CRASMIB stands for Centre for Research in Ayurveda and Social Medicine for International Brotherhood. CRASMIB has done some pioneer work on transforming to positive health, which is a blend of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Due to his strenuous efforts, the organization has now a very good team of dedicated doctors possessing technical skills and scientific knowledge of Ayurveda.
He has trained a number of young doctors in advanced Ayurveda, and has played an important role in channelizing the information of Ayurveda and opening up new opportunities for its promotion through community health awareness programs.
His work in medicine does not stop just here. To explore the uncommon but of utmost use medicinal plants and make their medicines is another passion.
For last 35 years, Dr. Raghuvanshi has also been a resource person and guest faculty in a number of established organizations & Institutes. Currently he is engaged in conducting research in the field of evolving alternative stress management therapies. So, stress management through spiritual counseling is another one of his expertise.

Name: Kandarp Singh Sengar


Kandarp Singh Sengar is a general secretary of RANA SW chapter and by profession is a practice architect for North America with one of the leading Data Analytics company Teradata.

Kandarp has a great affinity for rajput community since early days as his father Dr B.S Sengar has been the founding member of Rajarshi, a known rajput organization in central india.

Kandarp is deeply involved in RANA activities at all chapter, national and international level and is always ready to provide help wherever needed. He has been working in RANA SW Chapter to unite and increase RANA member participation in events and other Rajput related activities.

Name :  Renuka Singh


Name: Renuka Singh
Roots From Ballia, UP; grew up in Ranchi;
Spouse Name : Navneet Kumar
Children Name and Ages Sankalp (21) and Shaaswat (18)
Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA. Served as Cultural Secy is RANA SW Chapter; Current RANA NEC cultural Secy. My spouse Navneet has served as NEC Education Secy in the past.
Professional Interests : Teacher, Team Lead, Runs mentor program at school.
Major Accomplishments Selected as District Teacher of the Year 2018.

Name :  Tejraj Singh Hada


Tejraj Singh Hada:
Hada Rajput from Thikana Panduheli in Baran district in Rajasthan.
Married to Savita Rathore Hada.
Son, Vishal Hada, 16 year old; Daughter, Rajshree Hada 12 year old
1 brother and 2 sisters; all settled and married in India.
Parents are settled in Kota, Raj.
Father: Samundra Singh Hada
Mother: Krishan Kanwar Bikawat

He is a graduate of Rajasthan Technical University, India with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering. He has Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering from National Productivity Council, India.

Savita Rathore Hada:
Rathore Rajput from Sandla Sarothi in MP. Parents and brother are settled in Northern Virginia. Parents are long time RANA members
Father: Madan S Rathore
Mother: Bhanwar Kanwar

She is a graduate of Union College, Schenectady, NY with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Psychology.

Restaurateurs: Own 20 Five Guys Burgers and Fries locations in Albany, Syracuse and surrounding markets and 2 TCBY Frozen Yogurt.
Awarded Best Franchisee of the Year in 2015; Small Business Excellence in 2011 by SBA

Name :  Narendra and Shobha Khichi


Narendra Singh Khichi was born on February 18, 1941 in Hoshangabad, MP, India. Shobha Rani Chauhan was born on November 28, 1946 in Jhansi, UP, India. They were married on May 12, 1962 in Jhansi. Their daughter, Seema, and two sons, Samrat and Shalender, were born in Bhopal, MP, India. Their youngest son, Neel, was born in Morristown, NJ.

Narendra Singh Khichi emigrated to America on September 21st, 1971. Shobha Rani and their 3 children arrived one year later on September 17, 1972. They resided in Hillside, NJ until 1975. In 1976, they moved to Basking Ridge, NJ and lived there until 1990.

Narendra Singh is the first president of RANA and founded RANA in 1980 with the hope to keep the traditions, cultures, and history of the Rajput community alive and thriving in America.

Narendra Singh and Shobha Rani moved to Toms River, NJ in 1991 where they currently reside. They have 9 grandchildren: Andrew, Connor, Sean, Brent, Kiertan, Nathan, Quinn, Maeve, and Fiona. They are dedicated parents and grandparents who live in constant, selfless service of their family and community. They spend time between New Jersey and Florida, performing Sunderkands, and enjoying as much time with their grandchildren as possible

Name :  Mritunjay Singh


Meera: Owner/Broker, Gautams Realty, NJ. First General Secretary of RANA.

Self: Vice President, Citibank; Divisional Vice President, Marine Midland Bank; Senior Vice President, UBAF Arab American Bank; CEO & General Manager, Bank of Credit & Commerce International; Director & Head of Global Risk Management t Consulting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC); Managing Director, Accume Partners.

Past President of RANA, founding editor of Rajputra magazine, and writer of RANA’s constitution. Co-founder of Bihar Association Of North America (BANA), now called the Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA).

Name: Darshansinh Pravinsinh Solanki


Darshansinh Pravinsinh Solanki belongs to Lunavada-Mahisagar,
Gujarat, India and is grandson of Late Th. Laxmansinh S. Solanki of
Dhamaniya and married to Kusumba N Kumpawat (Maniyor-Idar),
originally from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
They have two children, 24 year old Harshrajsinh (Graduate in
Mechanical Engineer with PGD-SCM & GL & IBM, presently
stationed at Toronto, Canada) & daughter 18 year Manashiba
pursuing MBBS in India.
He is Chairman of Shefield Technoplast Pvt Ltd. and VP of Indian
Plastics Institute, India (Affli. to PRI-London) and also honored with
many prestigious awards. He is presently stationed at Vadodara,
India and actively associated with many social organizations and
charitable trusts.

Name: Daleep Singh Shekhawat


Daleep Singh Shekhawat is a realtor by profession, living in Calgary, Canada for last Thirteen years. Originally from Deorala in Sikar district of Rajasthan, he is great grandson of late Thakur Prithvi Singh ji, Tajimdar and Sona Naresh in Jaipur Riyasat.

Daleep Singh Shekhawat is married to Anita Chauhan and have two kids, son Prathvi( studying first year B. Com )and daughter Indra(grade 9).

Name – Binay Ranjan
Marital status – Married
Wife name – Sonia Ranjan
Kids – Son Arul Ranjan, 13 years old
Profession – I’m a Computer architect & Sonia is Computer engineer
Location – DC Chapter
Parents – Settled in India
Father: Rajkishore Singh
Mother: Rati Singh

Name: Ashu Pal


Ashu Pal belongs to the erstwhile Mahson-Mahuli kingdom in eastern Uttar Pradesh, founded in 1305 AD by ‘Katyuri kings’ of Uttarakhand. The Mahson rulers served as kshatraps to the Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire and Avadh Nawabs, until their domains were subsumed into the ‘ceded and conquered territories’ of the British East India Company. The ruling family’s fief was confiscated and titles were abolished following India’s independence. The rajas of Mahson, famed for their marksmanship, equestrian and wrestling skills, were renowned patrons of arts and culture, with ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan and his forebears residing as court musicians.

Ashuis an investment manager, financial economist and historical hobbyist. His career has spanned both developed and emerging markets at several transnational organisations. He earned an MBA from the renowned University of Chicago, where he learned from giants, including the former governor of India’s central bank. Ashu also read economics at North Carolina State University, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Ashu is married to Gauri, a social development and public policy specialist. They currently reside in Charlotte with their two children, Kanishk and Sasha.

Name                                        Piyush Singh

Spouse Name                          N/A

Children Name and Ages     Abhimanyu Singh 26 and Aditya Singh 25

Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA.   None

Professional Interests    Piyush is the Founder and CEO of Terrene Labs.   He is also an Adjunct Professor at University of Cincinnati.  He is also the President and founder of a charitable organization KARNA that has done significant disaster relief work, runs an after school support system for approx. 175 children in Lucknow, runs an award winning Karate school and has recently built a 1000 student auditorium in a graduate college in Distt. Azamgarh.


Major Accomplishments     Piyush has had a very successful corporate career – Director, Senior Vice-President, Chief Information Officer of Great American Insurance Group, Officer of American Financial Group, Chief Information Officer of RLI and consulting roles at Price Waterhouse Coopers Company, ANZ Bank and Citicorp.    Piyush has received the “Elite 8 CIO” award from Insurance and Technology in 2005 and 2013, was the “Top 10 CIO Breakaway Leader” at the Global CIO Executive Summit in 2011 and recently has been named “26 Innovators to Watch” for 2018.


Any other fun facts   He has been to all seven continents and trekked to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Name: Ananya Singh


Ananya Singh is a passionate environmental activist and a student at Morris County School of Technology. She works closely with Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp to train and inspire youth and adults from around the country to organize for social change, and this summer she worked as a counselor for the first ever session of YEA Camp for Adults. Ananya has been recognized as a leader in the field of service-learning, and has served on the National Youth Leadership Council’s Youth Advisory Council, using the platform to speak out about education equity and youth voice. She is an advocate for climate justice, and works with youth climate organizations including Sierra Student Coalition and Sunrise Movement. She is also the leader of her school’s Environmental Action Club. Ananya’s most recent endeavor was interning with the Tom Malinowski Congressional Campaign in New Jersey’s 7th District.

Name: Anupriya Singh Sengar
Spouse: Naivedya Singh Sengar
Children: Yagyaved Singh Sengar, 5yrs old.

Services to RANA: RANANJ 2016-2018, Magazine Secretary.
2018 RANA Convention Committee: Magazine Editor for “Rajputra”
Professional Interests and Major Accomplishments: Curated and Edited the RANA NJ Calendar “Kashatriya” and NJ Magazine “Raj Sandesh”
Anupriya Singh is a Public Speaking coach by design. She has won various awards as at Toastmasters International and at World Championship of Public Speaking. Anupriya is a History buff and enjoys taking trips to museums and places of historical interest. She is an aspiring author and life coach. Anupriya is a people’s person and a social butterfly. Hailing from the pink city Jaipur, Anupriya loves Rajasthani folk music eternally and takes immense pride in her Rajput lineage.

Name: Deo Prakash Singh


Rana Member @Large (Texas) hails from Barh town near Patna ,Bihar and has roots from Bhojpur district (Arrah).

Deo Singh has served Rana south west chapter as President,Treasure, Membership & Cultural Secretary Also in past he was Texas Director international Hindi association (IHA) .Promoting Hindi and Bhojpur language i in USA since 1998.

Lives in Dallas his wife Madhu Singh from Sasaram (Bihar) has two unmarried sons Saharsh as IT engineer and Shantanu in Private equity .

Name – Deshraj Singh Rana
Profession – I am Bachelor of Engineering (computer Science) by academics and Working as Vice President IT with Barclays Investment Bank.
Spouse Name – Ruchika Rana
Children Name and Ages – 
1. Karan Uday Singh Rana, Age – 17 years (Senior at Parsippany hills high School)
2. Varun Pratap Singh Rana, Age – 13 years (Student at Brooklawn Middle-school)


Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA. – I am a new joiner to RANA (joined during 2017 new year eve party). I am not part of the RANA NJ chapter and leading the Camping commiteet.
Professional Interests – Computer Science and Engineering, Cyber Security and Risk Management. I am Project Management Professional (PMP) and Six Sigma Green Belt certified.
Major Accomplishments – Represented Barclays (my employer) in many global IT event and been keynote speaker.
Any other fun facts – I love Photography and playing Golf. have done Sky diving as well.

Name : Naivedya Singh Sengar
Spouse Name : Anupriya Singh Sengar
Children Name and Ages: Yagyaved Singh Sengar, 5 years old.

Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA- RANA-NJ- 2016-2018- RANANJ Youth Ambassador and Education Secretaary.
2018 RANA Convention Committee: Magazine Editor for “Rajputra”
Professional Interests:
Major Accomplishments: Naivedya Sengar moved to the United states in 2011, and has been into Risk Mitigation with BNP Paribas ever since. He is known to be an extremely hard working, and creative employee of the organization. Naivedya is a perfectionist and has a great eye for detail. He loves photography and golf. He loves gardening and has been known to love plants more than people.

Name: Needhee Solanki Rathore
Spouse Name: Udit Rathore
New to RANA
Professional Interests: 
Major Accomplishments
Any other fun facts
She is a Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Expert specializing in helping people manage their metabolisms and shed fat without crazy diets or extreme measures. Her methods emphasize sustainable lifestyle changes while managing the hunger, cravings, and energy levels of her clients. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable when starting to reclaim their lives from years of chronic dieting, fatigue, weight gain, and frustration.

Fun fact: Needhee is a thyroid cancer survivor and former bodybuilding competitor. She has hypothyroidism and works closely with women who struggle to lose weight with thyroid conditions.

She believes there is no one perfect diet; however there is a perfect diet for YOU. One that is built for yourself out of a deep understanding of your unique metabolic expression, psychology, and personal preferences.

Feel free to join her free Fat Loss Facebook Group (My Best Life Fitness) or Instagram (@nourishedthyroid) for sustainable fat loss tips, thyroid health and hormone optimization, how to tailor your nutrition to your goals without deprivation, and efficient workouts.
Breakout session Topic: Get Your Dream Body Effortlessly: Eat Protein, Lift Heavy, Go For a Walk

Women’s Forum Topic: Stricter is NOT Better: rigid eating is an ineffective strategy for long-term weight loss

Name: Prakash Singh


Prakash Singh has been a very distinguished police officer of the country who served in the most turbulent theatres of the country – Nagaland, Assam, Punjab, J&K, and UP. He was Director General of Police of two of the largest states of India – Uttar Pradesh and Assam. He also commanded the Border Security Force. The Government of India, in recognition of his contribution to national security, awarded him Padmashri in 1991.

Prakash Singh is also the architect of Police Reforms in the country.

Presently, he is Chairman, Indian Police Foundation; Member, Advisory Board of Vivekananda International Foundation; and Associate Fellow of the Joint Special Operations University (US).

Name-Rambha Singh

Spouse Name-Satyendra K Singh

Children Name and Ages-Nikhil k Singh( 23)

Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA.-Founded AZ Rajputs in 2017 as founder president and created RANA AZ chapter in 2018 as founder president.Have the honor of creating a new RANA Chapter after a decade.Contributed to RANA Policy decisons as Member at large.Attended RANA Youth convention and worked hard to bring our youth together.

Professional Interests-Community service running schools for girls and under priviledged kids in India.Formed Caring Karma-a non profit to start a mobile preventive care service in Varanasi India from January 2019(planned to be launched during Pravasi Diwas Jan21-23).

Major Accomplishments-Successful business women running a high end Salon Day Spa and an Indian Restaurant.Known community leader in Chandler doing fundraising.

Any other fun facts-Love meeting people

Name- Satyendra K Singh

Spouse Name– Rambha Singh

Children Name and Ages-Nikhil k Singh ( 23)


Service to RANA and or past positions held in RANA.-Helped formed the AZ Rajput in 2017.Created incorporation of non profit,by laws,operating agreement,code of conduct and filing for EIN and 501C(3) status.Served on AZ Rajput board.In 2018 did all the paperwork for creating RANA AZ Chapter and dissolving AZ Rajputs. For RANA incorporated the new scholarship called RANA Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Professional Interests-Community service

Major Accomplishments-Changed career from iron maker to computer programmer then to lead and manage Wells Fargo Bank multiple business lines.

Any other fun facts-Love singing and watching hindi movies

Name: Shelley Singh


Shelley is the daughter of Dharmendra and Naveena Arya from Southern California. She is the wife of
Sudesh Singh and mother of two daughters, Eeshani and Vanshi Singh. Trained as a Network Engineer,
Shelley currently uses her skills at a Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facility founded by her husband and his
brother Dinesh Singh in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Name: Shweta Singh and Sunil Singh


We are from Atlanta GA . My Husband Sunil Singh is IT Professional , and I work as a school teacher. My son Varun Singh is in middle school and enjoys his Boy Scouts camping.
I am very happy to serve as a secretary for RANA FAMILY CONVENTION BALTIMORE 2018 .
I Thank RANA NEC for appointing me RANA NEC Member at Large.
I am currently helping RANA NEC with emails and contact management . I Have helped NEC with sending newsletter , e – greetings , official RANA emails to all RANA members.
I like working with RANA Children and youth . My Husband Sunil and I have written and directed many short plays and cultural programs for our local RANA chapter . I have served as cultural secretary and currently Vice President of GA- AL chapter .

NAME: Sudesh Singh

Details :

Sudesh is the son of Man Pal Singh, and Karamraj Kumari of Aligarh, India. He is the husband of Shelley
Singh and father to two beautiful daughters Eeshani and Vanshi Singh. A CPA by trade Sudesh founded a
Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facility with his brother Dinesh Singh in 2003, which has grown to 5 locations in
Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Name : Vijay Singh Raol


*Vijay Singh Raol*, Associate Professor, Enginneering Technology, Fairmont State University

*Business Profile* Vijay currently owns and operates 2 motels and is simjltaneously working on other commercial projects in WV.

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